Pooley Hall

The present Hall was built in 1506 by Sir Thomas Cockain, who also imparked the woods. But the history of Pooley is much older. There would appear to have been a large Saxon hall built here, the site would not be as exposed as it is now, but would- have been swallowed up by trees and away from prying eyes. Part of this hall was incorporated into the 1506 house. There are records of continuous occupation of a dwelling house on this site from the 1100’s, probably this was the old Saxon hall added to and altered as the years went by. Sir John Cockain made his will there in 1419 and it was his grandson Thomas who built this fine house, which along with Wormleighton Manor in South Warwickshire, has the only pre 1550 brickwork in the County.

Pooley Hall

The building was built in the shape of an ‘E’ with the long back facing the village.

The house forms the top bar of the E with the great hall, which was still standing until some 100 years ago, the middle bar and the stables the bottom bar. These stables together with the tower axe a large dwelling house. The upper room of the Hall was the Solarium, which would have had all the sun and was for the Master and Mistress of the house to rest in and gain maximum benefit from the sunlight. This room can still be seen today peeping through the trees which surround the building, and is the main feature of the picture above.

The owners of Pooley Hall have been benefactors of the village in the past and their tombs were in the old Abbey buildings before they were destroyed or lost at the reformation. But the ‘builder of this Hall is not buried here, instead he rests at Ashbourne(Derbyshire) where there is a long rhyming epitaph to him which tells of his life, his building of the Hall and his making of the park for deer. But in the building called Pooley Hall he has his greatest monument.

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